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Uploading and Reviewing Video

For anyone working with video, ReviewStudio simplifies the process of gathering frame-accurate feedback for a smoother review and approval process.

Video Formats Supported

When it comes to image files, you can upload MP4, MOV, OGG, WebM, FLV, AVI, WMV, ASF, ProRes and more.

Note that we also support a wide range of file formats that you need to support your project, whether documents, imagery, audio or other.

You can view the full range of file types we support here.

If you don’t see your preferred format, reach out - we can probably support it (if we don’t already).

To Upload Videos

  1. To start a new Review, select “New Review +” and follow the steps to set up the Review. To add files to an existing Review, on the Edit Review page, click “Upload files” and select “Files”.

  2. From the popup, select “Browse” or simply drag and drop your files into the popup. You can also drag files directly into the Edit Review page.

  3. Click upload.

Note that for larger files or batches of files, it can take a few seconds to process your files. Once you see the thumbnail of your file showing on the Edit Review page, your file is ready for Review.

For more on uploading files for review: Creating a New Review: Uploading Files and Review Settings

There is no limit to the file size, beyond your account limits.

Browser and internet speeds can impact both upload speed and how quickly it loads for clients.

To Annotate Videos

ReviewStudio provides multiple markup tools. You can use these tools to visually highlight and address specific areas or elements of a video that require attention. The key tools include: 

  • Comments / Notes: Leave a general note anywhere in the content. 

  • Shapes: Circles, squares, lines, and arrows to help you make your point. 

  • Freehand Pencil: Draw on your document to provide clarity. 

Other Video Features

There are several other features for proofing videos that you will find useful.

  • Range Selection: Leave any annotation across a range by selecting across the timeline.

  • Playback Speed: Adjust the speed of the video .5x to 1.5x.

  • Loop: Especially for shorter videos, loop the playback.

More general info on annotating files: The Basics of Review and Approval: Canvas Markup, Annotation Tools and Submitting a Decision

Note that while we don’t have a watermarking feature for video, in the Review settings, you can enable or disable the download of the file.

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