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Supported File Formats and Browsers

Supported File Formats 

ReviewStudio supports the review of image, video, audio, HTML, document and 3D files.

The following media formats are supported for online markup and annotation: 

  • Image – JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, 360 Panoramas (JPG and PNG) 

  • Video – MP4, MOV, OGG, WebM, FLV, AVI, WMV, ASF, ProRes + 

  • Audio – MP3, WMA, AAC 

  • Document – PDF, SVG, DOC(X), PPT(X), XLS(X) 

  • Web – HTML (either as a ZIP or URL capture) 

  • 3D – GLB, ZIP 

Note that by default, video files are transcoded after they are uploaded so that they will play on all supported browsers. The encoding will convert videos to .mp4 H264 using the same resolution and a bitrate of 3mbps. This transcoding process will take a few minutes to complete after the file is uploaded (depending on the size of the original file). If the review of an original .mp4 file is desired, it's possible to deactivate the transcoding process by unchecking this option in the Review options menu.  

Other file formats may be uploaded to a Review for transfer purposes (including as attachments) but they will not be reviewable online.  

File Size Limits 

There is no limit to the size of individual files, beyond the storage available to your account and your internet speed.

Note that, especially with PDFs, your browser may have difficulty loading files that are very large.  

Supported Browsers 

At the current time, the browsers listed below are tested and supported. For best results, we recommend that you use the latest version available for the browsers indicated.


  • Internet Explorer 11+

  • Edge

  • Firefox

  • Chrome 

OSX (Mac)

  • Safari

  • Firefox

  • Chrome 


  • Safari 6+

  • Chrome


  • Chrome 

Mobile Support 

ReviewStudio is built to be responsive on mobile. This means no app is required to review and approve your content on the go. To provide an optimal experience, certain features might be hidden depending on your screen resolution and device type. You can otherwise use all the key functionality, leave feedback, make markups, and submit approvals from any device.  

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