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Uploading and Reviewing Photography & Image Content

Whether for photographers, editors or their clients, ReviewStudio simplifies the process of proofing photos, with a smoother review and approval process.

Document Formats Supported

When it comes to image files, you can upload JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PSD, 360 Panoramas (JPG and PNG), and PDF.

You can view the full range of file types we support here.

If you don’t see your preferred format, reach out - we can probably support it (if we don’t already).

To Upload Photos or Images

  1. To start a new Review, select “New Review +” and follow the steps to set up the Review. To add files to an existing Review, on the Edit Review page, click “Upload files” and select “Files”.

  2. From the popup, select “Browse” or simply drag and drop your files into the popup. You can also drag files directly into the Edit Review page.

  3. Click upload.

Note that for larger files or batches of files, it can take a few seconds to process your files. Once you see the thumbnail of your file showing on the Edit Review page, your file is ready for Review.

For more on uploading files for review: Creating a New Review: Uploading Files and Review Settings

To Annotate Photos or Images

ReviewStudio provides multiple markup tools. You can use these tools to visually highlight and address specific areas or elements of an image that require attention. The key tools include: 

  • Comments / Notes: Leave a general note anywhere in the content. 

  • Shapes: Circles, squares, lines, and arrows to help you make your point. 

  • Freehand Pencil: Draw on your document to provide clarity. 

More info on annotating files: The Basics of Review and Approval: Canvas Markup, Annotation Tools and Submitting a Decision

Note that while we don’t have a watermarking feature, in the Review settings, you can enable or disable the download of the file.

Using Star Ratings to Select Photos

Star ratings give you the ability to sort or rank your preferred images. Once enabled under the Review settings, Reviewers can apply their rating from 1-5. If there are multiple ratings, your rating is shown on as the blue stars, while the average is shown in brackets.

Note that you can filter your images by stars from the Filters menu above the thumbnail strip.

Using Grid View

Grid view allows you to view your images on a contact sheet. Use the Zoom slider to show more or fewer images in the grid.

In grid view, you can:

  • Apply stars to multiple images at the same time.

  • Download multiple files or create a print-ready version with feedback for offline archiving or sharing.

  • Approve or Reject individual files.

  • Comment on multiple images at the same time.

To use grid view, select the Grid View icon in the horizontal menu above image thumbnails:

Reviewing Pano 360 Images

ReviewStudio supports the ability to view and annotate directly on panoramic images.

Users can pan and view the space from any angle and use the note or pencil tool to add comments on specific elements in the view.

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