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Product News 2022

New Features: Star Ratings and Rejected Option

December 14, 2022

This month we introduced a couple of new features, including star ratings and a rejected option, that will especially support photography proofing workflows.

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Product Update: Updated Video Controls

March 2022

We did a major update to our video proofing functionality. The new options include:

  • Video looping

  • Adjusting playback speed

  • Fullscreen video viewing

  • Selecting a range on a video timeline and applying a comment over a range

  • Timestamps showing up in comments

Product Update: File and Comment Filters, Slider in Compare Mode, Deadline Reminders, and More

November 2, 2022

With our latest product update, we’ve added filters in the Canvas, a slider for easier comparison, more deadline reminders, .zip downloads, and revert to reject.

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New Feature: Introducing Support for 360 Panoramic Image Review

July 13, 2022

ReviewStudio now supports the ability to view and annotate directly on 360 panoramic image files.

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Product Update: More Flexibility in Project Organization

July 12, 2022

Add a level of flexibility to your creative workflows with new options for how you organize your projects.

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Major Update to the Review Canvas

March 29, 2022

We've made some major updates to the Review Canvas. From Grid View to video controls, PDF navigation to mobile, here are the updates in this new release.

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Product Update: New File Formats Added

March 2, 2022

ReviewStudio supports a range of file formats including video, HTML, images, audio, and PDF files. Here's the full list of supported file types.

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Compare Mode Slider Feature

We recently added a new Slider Tool that overlays one version on top of the other and provides a slide bar to instantly reveal one file or the other. This tool is effective for showing differences, big or small, between the versions being compared.

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